METS Modular Implants

Bayley Walker Total Shoulder Replacement

This device is not yet cleared for sale in the USA.

The Bayley Walker reversed polar, linked total shoulder replacement is designed to provide stable function, restoring up to two thirds of normal movement in the treatment of arthritis with a massive cuff tear and revision of total shoulder replacements.

Bayley Walker Total Shoulder ReplacementThe system prevents subluxation of the humerus and is recommended when the majority of soft tissue coverage surrounding the humeral head is sacrificed.

The Bayley Walker total shoulder replacement consists of two components:
  • A glenoid component with a titanium alloy tapered screw for cementless fixation into the scapula with a cobalt chrome molybdenum head which articulates within the humeral component
  • The humeral component with an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) liner to articulate with the glenoid component
  • Arthritis with a massive rotator cuff tear
  • Failed cuff arthroplasty
  • Revision of total shoulder replacements
  • Recurrent dislocation of the shoulder

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