METS Modular Implants

Patient Specific CAD/CAM Shoulder Replacement

This device is not yet cleared for sale in the USA.

The Patient Specific CAD/CAM shoulder was designed in collaboration with the Royal National Orthopaedic Shoulder team. The implant is designed on a 3D model created from CT data.

custom cad cam shoulder implantThe glenoid shell is plasma Titanium sprayed and has an HA coating. It is designed to be seated on cancellous allograft bone to optimise osseointegration.

Screw fixation is via:
  • Lateral border scapula
  • Base of corocoid
  • Spine of scapula
  • Acromion

We can supply a patient specific liner, sized to be cemented into the shell, or a UHMWPE constrained liner for use with 32 or 28mm CoCr heads.

The humeral stem can either be cemented or uncemented, based on bone quality and anatomic considerations, and again is designed from CT data. It is fluted to resist rotational forces, is HA coated, and has the option of cross screws.

  • Non functional rotator cuff
  • Poor glenoid bone stock
  • Trauma or revision
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

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