METS Modular Implants

Extendible Implants

Stanmore Implants’ interest in extendible prostheses began with a simple idea to enable young tumour patients to continue to maintain limb length equality through to skeletal maturity.

photoIn 1976, The Centre for Biomedical Engineering designed and manufactured the world’s first extendible massive implant. This early version had a simple worm drive mechanism to extend the implant, which has now been developed into the ball bearing drive mechanism found in today’s minimally invasive implant.

Since 1976, Stanmore Implants’ extendible implants have been used to treat over 800 juveniles, resulting in a major advance in the quality of life of these patients. Today, we offer two variants of extendible prostheses, featuring either minimally invasive lengthening or non invasive lengthening technology.