METS Modular Implants

METS Distal Femur Implants

The METS distal femoral replacement system is designed as a modular system that can be used to replace diseased or deficient bone in the distal femur.

distal femur implant photoThe system consists of:

  • A SMILES Knee
  • A range of shafts in 15mm increments to suit differing lengths of resections
  • A range of hydroxyapatite coated and uncoated collars of different diameters to match the size of the femoral bone cross-section
  • A range of cemented stems to provide secure fixation in the intramedullary canal

Individual components of the femoral shaft are connected using inter-locking taper junctions allowing quick and easy assembly.

The SMILES knee has three tibial options:

  • Rotating hinge metal cased tibia with short and long stems suitable for extra-articular resection or difficult revisions
  • Rotating polyethylene hinge tibia suitable for routine cases
  • A fixed hinge tibia with short and long stems suitable for knees with marked instability or gross deformity

For very special cases, the METS modular system can be used in conjunction with custom made components to provide a rapid case specific solution.

The minimum resection required for the METS distal femur is 76mm and the maximum is 263mm.


  • Supracondylar fracture following primary knee replacement
  • Trauma to distal femur and poor bone quality
  • Gross bone loss in distal femur

Custom distal femoral prostheses.

For cases that cannot be accommodated by the METS distal femur modular system we routinely produce case specific custom prostheses. Solutions can include the addition of a wrap around stem feature to assist in preserving the soft tissue attachment to the residual bone section.

To discuss your cases with our design team please contact us by calling +44 (0)20 8238 6500 or using our online form.