METS Modular Implants

METS Modular Proximal Humerus Implant System

This device is not yet cleared for sale in the USA.

The METS proximal humeral replacement system is designed as a modular system that can be used to replace diseased or deficient bone of the proximal humerus.

METS Proximal Humerus ImplantThe system consists of:
  • A proximal humeral component
  • A range of shafts in 15mm increments to suit differing lengths of resections
  • A range of hydroxyapatite coated and uncoated collars of different diameters to match the size of the resected bone
  • A range of cemented stems to fit the intramedullary canal

Individual components of the humeral shaft are connected using inter-locking taper junctions allowing quick and easy assembly in the OR.

The proximal humeral component has two options for joint reconstruction:
  • The hemi-arthroplasty component
  • The linked glenoid (Bayley-Walker) component

Both options are designed with 30 retroversion and are available with or without hydroxyapatite coated rails which allow reattachment of soft tissues.

The minimum resection required for the METS proximal humeral replacement is 67mm & the maximum is 210mm.

A flexible modular system that provides a wide variety of surgical options in the treatment of humeral tumour cases.

A major benefit of the custom humeral implant is that it can be designed in combination with other Stanmore Implants features such as joint sparing or minimally invasive extension technology.

Reasons to use our modular proximal humerus system:
  • Evolved from the experience of more than 600 custom-made proximal humeral replacements
  • Minimal sacrifice of bone
  • Hemi head or linked glenoid options
  • HA coated collars for enhanced fixation
  • Optional combination with custom-made components
  • Primary bone tumours
  • Failed massive replacements
  • Metastases arising in bone
  • Evolved from the experience of over 600 custom made humeral replacements
  • Minimal bone sacrifice
  • Hemi head or linked glenoid options
  • HA coated collars for enhanced bone fixation
  • Can be combined with custom components for optimum fit
  • Custom distal humerus

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