METS Modular Implants

Online Design Service

We are very proud of our implant design engineers and the service they provide for surgeons around the world.

online implant design serviceWhen you work with Stanmore Implants you work directly with the designer who will remain your point of contact throughout the whole implant design and production process.

Communication is an essential part of any successful implant design. With this in mind, we have installed a state of the art video conferencing system to enable one to one communication with surgeons. You will be able to review and discuss x-rays, scans and implant designs in real time, to ensure the patient receives the best possible implant solution.

From sending us the X-ray or CT data to using our bespoke video line to review your patient specific implant click here, to view a PDF, and find out how our Online Design service works.

Contact our Design Office to access their services and set up a conferencing connection. Please email your request to: