METS Modular Implants

SMILES Custom Knee Implant

The system can be adapted to a very simple rotating hinge for unstable knee joints, or to a more complex rotating hinge knee where there is gross bone loss and/or collateral ligament instability.

knee implant photoWe also provide a fixed hinge knee which is suitable for patients with limited mobility or patients with gross instability who require a more stable knee joint.

SMILES Knees are prescribed on a patientby- patient basis which means that they are tailored precisely to fit the remaining bone stock. Pre-operative planning also allows a huge reduction in instrumentation which is a distinct advantage over modular systems in the OR. A range of tibial and femoral augments can be provided to overcome any unexpected bone loss. This also allows proper re-creation of the joint line and balance of the flexion and extension gap.

The rotating hinge knees are available as a metal cased tibia where augments are required, and as an all-polyethylene tibia which is used when the articular surface of the tibia is in good condition and has had minimal previous surgical intervention.

It is our belief that the more challenging the surgical procedure, the more simple should be the solution. With this in mind our SMILES Knee system requires minimal specialised instrumentation which allows for a clutter-free OR.

  • Failed primary revision knee
  • Femoral/tibial bone loss
  • Unstable knee joint/ ligamentous instability
  • Varus/valgus deformity

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