METS Modular Implants

Specialist Lower Limb Implant Solutions

This device is not yet cleared for sale in the USA.

Patient Specific Intercalary Implants

specialist lower limb implantsDesigned specifically to treat mid shaft resections in the femur or tibia, we can apply a variety of fixation methods, HA collars and surface treatments of either silver or titanium nitride.

Lower Limb Joint Sparing Implants

Our enthusiasm to save healthy natural joints if at all possible has extended into the lower limb. Saving the natural knee joint gives the patient greater joint longevity than would be otherwise available with an implant. Patients gain further benefit from natural motion and a far greater range of movement, proprioception and natural sensation.

Stanmore Implants has evolved several successful designs to save both the femoral head and the articulating surfaces of the knee joint. The surgical techniques required to place joint sparing prostheses demand extreme accuracy on the part of the surgeon to obtain a sound union between the bone remnant and the implant.