METS Modular Implants

Patient Specific 'Wrap Around' Stem Implants

This device is not yet cleared for sale in the USA.

The ‘wrap around’ stem or ‘internal proximal femur’ is Patient Specific made to fit each patient precisely. This is particularly effective in younger patients, when the surgeon wishes to retain as much proximal femoral bone as possible.

custom wrap around stem implantThe system also allows the surgeon to retain the abductors, thereby offering better postoperative outcomes.

The proximal stem is roughened and given HA coating. There is an HA collar at an appropriate depth and below this, there is a cemented stem which allows good primary fixation of the prosthesis into the intra-medullary canal. Where necessary, the distal portion can be augmented with an extra-cortical plate attached to the collar for additional implant stability.

The use of the HA collar enhances extra-cortical bone integration with the implant surface. It makes use of the reactive bone formation that grows proximally from the trans-section site over the shaft of the implant to form a bony bridge, reducing the effect of torsion at the stem/ cement/bone interface.

  • Extensive bone defects along proximal femoral canal
  • Severe bone destruction along proximal femur following the explant of a primary hip stem or infection

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